We have our own customs terminal in Riga, which ensures the receipt and dispatch of goods arriving by air and road transport, sea containers, railway wagons, including modular cargoes. We also have our own terminal at the border of Latvia-Russia "Terekhova / Burachki". We accept for storage, consolidation and customs clearance transit goods, goods imported to the European Union and exported to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia and other countries.

Our customs terminal provides the following services:

◦ storage of industrial, food, incl. excise (excluding petroleum products) cargo
◦ consolidation of cargo for further export
◦ storage of transit goods
◦ storage of security goods
◦ handling of goods in the customs area (sorting, packing, marking, etc.)
◦ marking of excisable goods
◦ sale of goods in the warehouse, change of ownership, transfer of cargo
◦ preparation of customs and transport documentation (TIR, CMR, SMGS, customs declarations, etc.)
◦ weighing of trucks on certified scales.

The warehouses are under constant security protection and equipped with modern alarm and video surveillance systems. All goods stored in the warehouse are insured.

ERGS also offers cargo delivery by own transport.

Permits were obtained at the warehouses of the customs terminal:

◦ storage of food products
◦ for the storage of excisable goods (excluding petroleum products)
◦ for temporary storage of goods in the customs territory (up to 20 days without declaration of customs procedure)
◦ for handling of goods (marking, sorting, etc.)

Services are provided on the basis of an agreement between ERGS and the client.

A quality management system was introduced and a certificate of the recognized economic operator AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate No. AECS 9999 120016)