We provide customs broker services:

Release of goods for free circulation in Latvia (IM4), provision of a delay in payment of customs duties and taxes, release of goods for free circulation (IM4) for other European countries, processing of European transit to Latvia, the Baltic States and other EU countries:
◦ in the Riga seaport
◦ at the airport "Riga"
◦ on the Latvian railway
◦ at border crossings: Latvian-Russian, Estonian-Russian, Latvian-Belorussian, Lithuanian-Belorussian
◦ in Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and other EU countries
◦ clearance of TIR
◦ transit clearance for Russia

We manufacture all European customs procedures:
◦ release of goods for free circulation in Latvia (IM4)
◦ import into the customs warehouse (IM7), temporary storage.
◦ Export (EX 1, EX 3)
◦ Transit (T1) (at border crossings, in the Riga seaport, in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and other EU countries), as well as the design of Russian transit

We issue goods for free circulation for other EU countries (IM4).
At the request of clients, transport and accompanying documents (TIR, CMR, SMGS, etc.) are drawn up.

The work of the customs broker is provided with the following permissions:

◦ customs broker certificate
◦ permission to operate a customs broker
◦ permission to execute a customs procedure for a simplified declaration
◦ authorization to complete all customs procedures in the mode of  "local declaration" (local clearance procedure - the right to register customs procedures without representatives of customs)
◦ permission to open and close the transit at your customs warehouse, at the Riga seaport, at the Riga airport and on the Latvian railway (without representatives of the customs)
◦ Customs guarantee in the amount sufficient to ensure transit

Services are provided on the basis of an agreement between ERGS and the client.

A quality management system was introduced and a certificate of the recognized economic operator AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate No. AECS 9999 120016)