The company ERGS performs registration of all European customs procedures:
√ release of goods for free circulation in Latvia (IM4)
√ import to the customs warehouse (IM7), temporary storage.
√ export (EX 1, EX 3)
√ transit (T1) (at border crossings, in the Riga seaport, in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and other EU countries)

The company ERGS carries out registration of the Russian transit

The issue of goods for free circulation for other EU countries (IM4) is also issued.
At the request of clients, transport and accompanying documents (TIR, CMR, SMGS, etc.) are drawn up.

A quality management system was introduced and a certificate of the recognized economic operator AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate No. AECS 9999 120016)